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A continued relationship with the customer is important to Total ICT.  We pride ourselves in forming a working partnership with the customer, helping them to future expand their businesses by being a Technology Partner or in some cases the IT Department they haven’t got!

As part of the working partnership we are available to discuss how any business changes may affect your communications and computer systems, whether it is how to communicate to a new office, a new customer or supplier, or simply that you have read about some new technology and wonder if it would help your business.

The most important part of this relationship is to provide professional and efficient technical support when you require it, solving problems or making necessary changes to allow you to get the best return on your investment. Total ICT has access to locally based engineers spread over Devon and Cornwall allowing problems to be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Total ICT has a dedicated support email address for reporting any problems.

All calls are logged on our internal customer management system (CRM) to enable your case to be tracked efficiently from when it is reported to when it’s resolved. All remote Support will be recorded and held for 90 Days. All Onsite work will be agreed to be working prior to the engineer leaving site.

IT And Networking

Computers and Networking has been part of Total ICT from day one. We have the knowledge and capability to provide and support all aspects of your computer and networking.

Whether a simple office network or a Multi occupancy building we will be able to design, implement and support that solution. Our engineers are knowledgeable on all aspects of IT and are also happy to work with other providers to integrate other systems on your network, these can be Printers, CCTV through to CADCAM and Computer controlled manufacturing equipment.

In recent years Cloud Computing has become a major part of the business, from Office 365, Microsoft Azure or moving your whole on premise solution into a cloud environment we can help.

Hosted Telephony


Telephony has been a growth area for Total ICT in recent years, we have an extremely competitive Hosted Telephony solution.

We pride ourselves in customising the solution for our customers in the same way as we would with our IT solutions utilising Voicemail to Email, Computer integration and Application based solutions to allow real advantages for remote workers and people who split their time between their office and the nearest coffee shops.

Taking time to plan how the system can give the best return on your investment is something we pride ourselves on.

Office 365


Office 365 - More than an email.

We come across lots of companies that have been sold office 365 as an email address. Whilst office 365 is great as an email host it can do so much more.

We like to look at your business and help you utilise some of the other features of the product. We have extensive experience of Microsoft SharePoint as a file storage location, the things to be aware of and the things it is very good at.

We are here to help and guide you to make sure you get the best return from your subscription and also making sure you are only paying for what you need.

Remote Monitoring And Support


The support of our customers is a critical part of Total ICT, as the referrals of our clients are how we grow. Our support has always been NO FIX NO FEE.

With this in mind the level of support we give has to be excellent.

We Provide our support in two main ways.

  • Retainer

  • Pay as you go


We are able to provide a lot of our support remotely allowing our support to be prompt end efficient. We can remote into PC and MAC based systems along with ensuring routers, switches etc also have the ability for them to be maintained remotely. We can also remote into Mobile devices to assist with mobile apps and the setup of Emails. Using the same software we are also able to camera share with your mobile device providing our remote engineers with eyes on site. 

Reactive support will always be part of what we do, however increasingly we are monitoring and checking our customers systems constantly. This allows us to not only react to issues but also to spot issues before they arise,

Onsite Support


For the times we can’t resolve a problem remotely one of our engineers will attend on site. We pride ourselves responding quickly to our customers issues efficiently and causing as little disruption to our clients as possible.



When starting or running a small business It can sometimes be difficult to ensure that you have all the necessary IT and communications infrastructure in place. Most people start a business because they have a talent, knowledge or experience in a particular area and unless one of these is IT then getting systems up and running can be a daunting and confusing task.

We have created a Small Office Home office, SOHO, bundle containing the items most businesses need to get going and be compliant, alongside the knowledge and support to help make the process easier.

With many years of designing business solutions across a number of different sectors we pride ourselves in being able to tailor our solutions to your business and suggest options which will help to enhance your business offering and the customer experience.

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