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Meet The Team

Neil Bailey

Managing Director


Neil founded Total ICT in 2006 and since then has made Customer Service the driving force behind the company. Neil primarily heads up the Sales and Consultancy side of the business, but still likes to get involved with the Customer support when required.


Neil’s passion is to Tailor the solutions Total ICT provide to a particular clients needs, making sure that the client gets they best value from the investment they have made in his company and the solutions they provide.


Neil is also responsible for investigating new products and suppliers who he believes can add value to the solutions that are provided by Total ICT and with his extensive business network can often find his clients solutions with local suppliers.



Andrew Welsh

Support Manager


Andrew Joined us in 2013 as an apprentice and now heads up the support services as a pivotal part of Total ICT. Andrew provides support to our customers either remotely from our offices, or his home office or in their own premises when it is required. Andrew has extensive knowledge of all the services we offer and is happy to discuss purchases of new equipment or services with clients making sure they are the best solution  for both their Business and their budget.



Kirsten Bailey

Finance Director


Kirsten joined the company officially in 2011 although has been part of Total ICT as a director since the beginning. Kirsten looks after all things accounts and paperwork, not easy in a team of engineers.






Ryan Bailey

Support and AV Engineer


Ryan has been working with Total ICT since he was 11 and has become a familiar face with clients, working alongside his Dad. He is now at university in London but works remotely providing support on projects and installations alongside being available in the London area should remote support not be possible. He also heads up the Audio Visual installation work.



Team Bailey


Hannah has worked on some installation projects, competently being able to Terminate network cabling and help with installations. She is always happy for the extra pocket money as she is a keen shopper!


Liam has recently helped to install CCTV at a customer site. Always happy to chat with the customers and just learnt to Terminate Network Cabling and basic networking he is also a great extra pair of hands




Skymind Studios

Jacqui Cant


Jacqui started assisting Total ICT in 2022 providing Marketing and Business Admin support, if you see a post on Social media Jacqui will have almost certainly done it. Jacqui has worked very closely with Ryan and Neil over the years due to a partnering relationship with Ryan's own Company, Unity Production. Following discussions Neil and Kirsten are happy to have her as part of the Total ICT family.

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